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Photograph Book With Poems & Haiku 

Unforgettable! It is really exciting to have completed my journey to Tibet‮!‬I

I believe everyone has experienced the ebb and flow of life, and I have surely traveled numerous times in the trough. Each time I fall, I try harder to climb up again. I firmly believe that as long as we are alive, we can still continue to find a bright way out form the darkness. 

I wish that everyone would be able to live a happy life. After this journey to Tibet, I am really thankful to have had the chance to share my experiences. I do not expect everyone to understand the meaning of all my poems. We all have different perspectives and experiences based on our past, but as long as they can be appreciated and evoke feelings in the reader, it is good enough for me. So, let's start your own journey with this book. 


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