The art of living

         This collection called " Zentmeter ", By using " Centimeter", I changed the "C" to "Z" that give the element of Zen to my vision. Regarding distance, Destiny keeps us together, it seems like far away, but it's only a tiny mile away! Just like Zen is around us, when the moment you need it, the wisdom always willing to guide. I wish that can through my art to let people find their own peaceful pace and appease when there are wandering and helpless. 2020 During the confinement, the world felt a lot of pressure, We were sad, we were crying, we didn’t know the future during the confinement, so I didn’t want to use so much colour, coz at that moment we didn’t see colour! we lost a lot of colour, thay why you can feel mostly “Black and White” in the collection, but even two colors also can  let them self-develop on the canvas oozing the gray color.