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Based in Paris

My name is Wallace Woo. I am originally from Hong Kong and currently living in the world famous fashion capital - Paris, France for a number of years. I had fashion makeup artist background; The fashion industry has given me many different opportunities over the years. The best part is that this job has opened many doors for me. Unconsciously, it helped me open another gate as a Pouring visuals artist. Life is a journey, it brought me many new experiences, especially on a spiritual level; I am deeply convinced that the wisdom of vipassana meditation can lead us in the right direction of our life.  If I can incite readers to think about their current life through my creation, this would be very meaningful to me. 

INDIVIDUAL Virtual Exhibition
8-21 September 2021 , " ZENTIMETER " curator The Holy Art  (London) . 

GROUP Virtual Exhibition
2021, " Symphonia " Room 1,  curator The Holy Art  (London) . 


2021, London The Holy Art, Symphonia Contest 3rdWinner – Artwork “ LITTLE ”

2021, USA Contemporary Art Gallery Online, ALL Abstraction Competition Top 10 - Artwork" Pine Root"

2021, Art4Competition, Contemporary  category  Classification RANKING #3 -Artwork" Pine Root"

Art Magazine
Wallace Showcase, The Huts Magazine no.3, December 2021 Page 84-89.
Wallace Woo interview, Art Market Magazine no.62, August 2021 Page 72-81.

Wallace Woo interview, Art Reveal Magazine no.60, July 2021, pages112-117; ISBN: 9781006667466.
Artwork Showcase, Artist Talk Magazine no.16, July 2021,Page 87. 
Artwork Showcase, ArtAscent Magazine no.50 July 2021, Pages 86-88.
Artwork Showcase, NNC VWorld Magazine Issue June 2021, Pages 40-21.
Artwork Showcase, ArtMagazineium Issue June 2021, Pages 7-9.


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